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Leather Craft and Unique Design Jewelry
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Diamond Collection

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Discover Collection

Ginkgo Collection

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Windy Earrings

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Falling Leaf Earrings

Papacraft Love story

“Bupha Gamlai” and Love Story Of a man

We called “papa” , who crafts “love” for all.

Leafy Hook Magnet

The tenderness carved from imagination has expressed the feeling through nature by Papacraft.
Fluttering Leaf has the same shape as Papacraft’s signature item, the #Leafy Bracelet 

Bendable hook magnet

Our Unique Craft

Dream Crafted Upon Dream

Every piece of Papacraft’s products are made from genuine tanned leather
through hand dyeing process and aluminum wires as inner frame,
compressed with specialized glue to tightly secure the edges. Therefore,

– easy to wear and remove
– comfortable and lightweight
– adjustable according to wrist and finger size
– no problem with getting wet or sweat, able to wash your hands normally
while wearing the products (best to keep away once involved in extremely wet activities)